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About RACE

We are studying the risk of developing radiation-associated cardiovascular disorders in women with breast cancer. It is well established that ionising radiation can induce cardiovascular disease (eg from randomised trials of radiotherapy in breast cancer) but little has been done to quantify the effect. Our aim is to add information on the dose response relationship and on the extent to which other factors (including previous cardiovascular disease, tobacco, and other therapeutic modalities such as chemotherapy) influence the risk. In a first step we are collecting information on a cohort of approximately 60,000 Danish and Swedish women diagnosed with breast cancer in order to study the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. In a second step we will, for a subset of the individuals, carefully scrutinise each woman's oncology record and abstract information on factors that could influence her subsequent risk of developing radiation-induced cardio-vascular disorders. We will also extract detailed information the radiotherapy received by each woman, in order to calculate her cardiac dose. These doses will then be used to estimate a dose-response relationship for radiation-induced cardiovascular disease.


















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